Annual Maintenance Wash & Inspection
Annual Maintenance Wash & Inspection

Viridian Detailing

Annual Maintenance Wash & Inspection

Sale price$200.00
Exterior Decontamination:Included
Interior Detailing:Included
Ceramic Coating Top-Up and Touch-Up:Included


Exterior Decontamination

  • Pre-wash foam
  • Wheels, arches, tyres wash
  • High-pressure wash
  • Two bucket method wash
  • Chemical decontamination (iron fallout & tar removal)

Touchless Drying

  • Touchless drying 
  • Water expelled from all crevices and parts

Interior Detailing

  • Interior vacuum: mats, carpet, upholstery
  • Interior surface wipe
  • Door and boot jambs cleaned
  • Glass cleaned

Paint Condition Inspection

  • Visual inspection under detailing lights
  • Assess water behaviour on every coated panel

Ceramic Coating Top-Up and Touch-Up

  • If required, the relevant panels will be touched-up with the same initially applied Gtechniq ceramic coating
  • Spray ceramic coating will be applied across the entire vehicle to top-up the ceramic coating

Note: To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Gtechniq ceramic coating, an annual maintenance wash and inspection is required. Additionally, proper vehicle maintenance is essential. Failure to adhere to these requirements may result in diminished coating effectiveness and potential voiding of Gtechniq guarantee.

This service is for existing customers who have ceramic coated their vehicle with us.

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